Wwii Infantry

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Book on the 377TH WWII Infantry Div?

I had a book on this Division and it ws lost and I would like info on obtaining another copy as I was in this infantry division

Best Answer...


There was a 377th Infantry Regiment, in the 95th Infantry Division. The highest number of a WWII US division was 106.



There was a history of the 95th Division published just after the war:
"History of the 95th Infantry Division"; by unit members; Albert Love Enterprises, Atlanta, Ga.; 1947.

Id watch on eBay, or check Amazon.com, but youll pay twice there what you might if you can find one on eBay.

Divisional "alumni association":







Im not finding anything on a possible regimental history of the 377th Infantry. If there was one Im sure its long out of print, and again, your best bet would be eBay or Amazon.

Best of luck and I hope you find a copy.